My name is John A. Deering, and I write books.

In early 2019, look for my book, "The Boy and the Girl", in bookstores.


Stories I'm Working On:





Tatakai: the Fighting Game

Hatchet vs. the Servo Cult
This is the best one on this site

Nightmare 3
Romney World
The Dream Surveillance Act
President Cush in: Protecting His Parents

The Centaur Victory
Short-story about Centaurs

Bananza: the Radio Show
Audio show adaptation of the book in the 4th row below

"GOD was She a Man, or is He a Woman?: The politics of religion (Reminiscences and observations of John Joseph Deering)"
"Jewish World Review"
"Lee and His Cause or the Why and the How of the War Between the States"
"Pompeiana: The Typography, Edifices and Ornaments of Pompeii"
"Probation Practice and the New Penology"

"Real Lawyers Do Change Their Briefs"
"Strange Brew"
"Team on the Run: The Inside Story of the Linda McCartney Pro Cycling Team"
"What Else Works?: Creative Work With Offenders"
"Zack Hill"

^- All of this made by people named John Deering who are not me.

E-mail: JohnDeeringAuthor@gmail.com

The time I was mentioned in the Sun Sentinel, attending the Presidential Debates at Lynn University:

HERE, at http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2012-10-22/news/fl-boca-debate-student-experience-20121022_1_lynn-students-lynn-university-graduate-student

On the flip side, John Deering, 24, an Obama supporter who graduated last May and has been unable to find a job other than tutoring, says he doesn't hold that against the president.  ''It would've happened under anyone,'' Deering said. ''He could probably get done in eight years what he couldn't get done in four years.''

Photos of my play being performed at my college in November '08, and a theater in New York in January '09. :-D


Video-Games I Made Which Are OK At Best
But Could Be Worse